Pure Water Module

At SoftWash Systems we are always continuing to innovate new tools to add to your arsenal so your SoftWash Systems skid can be more versatile. When you add the Shadow 80™ Pure Water Module by Phantom Window Works™, your ability to upsell jobs and provide a whole exterior house cleaning service is amplified.

The Shadow 80™ Pure Water Module by Phantom Window Works™ features include:

  • Top Mount Cartridge Housing Rack
  • (1) 40″ Carbon Filter
  • (2) 40″ RO Filters
  • (1) 40″ DI Filter
  • 50-Gallon (190 Liter) Polyethylene Pure Water Tank
  • Paranormal Wireless Controller (Auto Models Only)
  • Twin 12 Volt Pumps (Powered Models Only)
  • Graduated Tank Strap

OPTIONAL:  12” Hose Reel with 200 ft of 3/8” Clear Braided Hose

The Shadow 80™ has been specifically designed to fit our Generation III™ format skids making it the best pure water machine to have on a SoftWash Systems™ Skid.

When windows dry with spots it is because the water has not been filtered and leaves behind minerals on the glass. The spots that you are seeing are simply dried mineral buildup. The Pure Water Module removes the minerals by filtering them out, resulting in water that is 99% pure.

When this pure water comes in contact with the window it absorbs the minerals off the window allowing the surface to dry spot free.

This module features a Lifetime Warranty on the Polyethylene Tank and the Aluminum Structure.

This module is equipped for use with our Phantom Window Works Spectre™ and Banshee™ Water Fed Poles.