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AC Lockyer, the founder of Disruptor Manufacturing, has his roots in the agricultural industry. In 1988, AC earned a degree in ornamental horticulture and worked in the nursery industry for 7 years. In the early 1990s, AC used his background in horticulture and agricultural spraying equipment to develop the process of soft washing, starting a new business named Mallard Systems.

Our Story

By the early 2000s, AC and his family had grown the Mallard Systems business into 3 branches in the state of Florida, producing an excess of $4.8 million in soft washing revenue yearly. In 2010, AC completed his tenure as a soft washing contractor and founded SoftWash Systems, now helping others enter the soft washing business.

In 2014, SoftWash Systems made the decision to bring the manufacturing of their spraying equipment in house largely to shorten the innovation cycle and for better quality control. In 2017, the manufacturing of spraying equipment became its own division, and the decision was made to birth a new separate company, thereby creating Disruptor Manufacturing. In 2019, Disruptor Manufacturing decided to pursue additional customers in other lines of business, including pest control, window cleaning, and exterior cleaning private label equipment.

Today, Disruptor Manufacturing is led by an outstanding team of talented and capable individuals who carry the vision of AC Lockyer forward. Please visit our team page so that we can introduce you to those invaluable team members.

On an interesting note, we at Disruptor Manufacturing love all things machinery and engineering. We have all been touched by that great American culture, and as a tribute to that culture and to the 40th anniversary of the movie Smokey and the Bandit, you will see where we got the idea for the Disruptor Manufacturing logo. Sadly, in September of 2018, we lost the bandit, Burt Reynolds, which made our logo design even more of a touching tribute.