Disruptor Manufacturing’s PCO-ProFlow™ is a high volume, low pressure spraying system that can spray from seven GPM to as much as eleven GPM. (Depending on pump and pully configuration) This sprayer is 12-volt DC powered and quiet. Robust and reliable the PCO-ProFlow™ can spray from a single tank or be equipped with up to three metering ball valves as seen on our PCO-Pro3 and PCO-Pro6 models.
Common applications for this high-volume sprayer in the pest control world would be, turf spraying, pond spraying, termite slab treatments, and tree spraying. The PCO-ProFlow™ can spray product at 7 GPM and 100 PSI with distances up to 70 FEET.

Sight Gauge

Mix products by color without the need of math. Accuracy through simplified training.

Included with the PCO-ProFlow when coupled with a metering valve is our ProMix™ visual blending sight gauge. Using our Saddle Tanks, a manager can pre-load a slurry of product and add a dye for marking and measuring. Adding the dye allows for dial-in adjustment according to a color code on the face of the PCO-ProFlow control panel. Now a user can mix and identify up to three mixing choices for a product. (Example light, medium, high dose ratios) Features like these help with keeping consumption in check and allow for easy, quick training.

Once metering valves are included we recommend adding Disruptor Manufacturing Saddle Tanks in either our 8-gallon or 6-gallon configurations. If 8-gallons of product slurry is not enough and a big job is at hand we can configure the PCO-ProFlow onto a 100 gallon raw water tank adjoined next to a 50 gallon slurry/concentrate tank so the operator can spray larger areas.