Professional Metering Spraying System

Disruptor Manufacturing understands the needs and wants of professional spraying technicians today. You want in-field serviceable equipment. Robust and dependable, ready to produce day in and day out. You are tired of equipment built to meet a price point, not the demands of real-world spraying scenarios. You often ask yourself “Is it too much to ask for multi-generational equipment you can pass down to your kids?” Disruptor Manufacturing has heard you and gladly steps up to meet those needs and wants.

  • 50-Gallon and 100-Gallon Versions Available
  • Aluminum Skid Mount Systems
  • 18” Chemical Resistant Hose Reel
  • 300’ Hose, Ball Valve Gun & Two Tips
  • Three Metering Ball Valves
  • Three Concentrate Tanks
  • Check Valves & Float Switches
  • Battery Well
  1. Low Profile Design
  2. All Stainless-Steel Hardware
  3. Modular, Expandable and Upgradeable
  4. Marine Grade, Tinned Electrical & Switches
  5. Lifetime Guarantee on Tanks and Structure

*Please see guarantee paperwork for details.

Disruptor Manufacturing also custom manufactures skid-mount systems from 16 gallons all the way up to 200 gallons. We are happy to consult with you to meet your spraying requirements.

We also ship internationally. Visit our Facebook page for more pictures, videos and announcements.