OUR Blend Technology

Disruptor Manufacturing’s Blend™ technology allows the user to select from up to six different pest control products and spray them from the same spraying system. This eliminates the need for additional hose reels and removes the complexity of multiple spraying systems. Much like our PCO-Pro3 our PCO-Pro6 draws from saddle tanks that hold a slurry of product concentrates that are loaded by a management personnel and closely monitored for waste. Then the manager can write onto the PCO-Pro6 panel the name and use of each product as well as a numerical setting for use to clearly identify the spray specific onsite use. Tanks and valves are clearly identified and collate with perspective SDS sheets within the trucks SDS manual.

Once a new product is selected on the PCO-Pro6’s control panel the new product is introduced into the spray hose and is present in the spray stream within two minutes. This is visually indicated when using our patent pending PUSH TO SIGNAL technology. On the PCO-Pro6 panel is a PUSH TO SIGNAL button that is depressed each time a separate product is selected and introduced into the spray hose. The change at the gun is physically signaled as a burst of air that sputters from the tip of the spray wand between the current product and the new product. Once the workday is complete all valves can be returned to zero and just clean water can be moved through the system as an end-of-day procedure to extend equipment life.


Disruptor Manufacturing’s saddle tanks come in 6 US gallon size and can be mounted to your PCO-Pro3 or PCO-Pro6 for storing different pest control products. We know that misuse and waste can be an issue with these expensive products. Using manager filled saddle tanks can cut down on overuse, misuse, spillage, and theft. Additionally, because of the multiple products carrying capability, blends of several products can be mixed at the panel for differing applications.

When you add a PCO-Pro6 to your truck you now have the luxury of mix-on-demand. This means that you no longer mix your products in a tank one-batch style. No need to consume the entire tank before adding another product. With a PCO-Pro6 you can spray one product for two or more minutes and mid-stream switch to another product without doing math, mixing tanks, or risk of inappropriate product interaction. Just select your new product or blend, hit the PUSH TO SIGNAL BUTTON and you new mixture will make its way to your wand within two minutes proceeded by a sputtering of air.